Benefits of Owning a FUN BUS Franchise

Over the years, FUN BUS has given fun, fitness, and learning to kids everywhere. Our franchise opportunities have provided business owners with the privileges of earning as well as making the most out of their personal lives. Even today, many are enjoying the benefits of owning a FUN BUS franchise. Read on to learn about them!

Having Your Own Business

Benefits of Owning a FUN BUS FranchiseWhen thinking about having a business, many think about having a meaningful way to earn. This means desiring something that could help you make an impact and have more time with those you care the most.

My husband and I were looking for a change and we were interested in owning our own business.  When we found out about FUN BUS, we had young children in the same age range that FUN BUS serves.  We wanted something that was a little bit happier and more meaningful than some of the corporate drudgery that can be out there with some jobs.  It’s nice to see people smile when we pull up with our big green FUN BUS.” Darla Phillips, Owner, Tulsa, OK Fun Bus

Financial freedom and happiness are among the things that everyone seeks, whether in business or in personal life. And, having a business that allows you to achieve both is worth investing.

FUN BUS Franchise Benefits

Competition, cost, and support are often the main concerns when putting up a business. The good thing with FUN BUS is that you get to focus on a specific place with less competition. We pride in our unique concept that combines fun, learning, and fitness for kids.

Benefits of Owning a FUN BUS Franchise

FUN BUS Owners

Here are the benefits of owning a FUN BUS Franchise:

  • Designated Market Territory
  • Turn Key
  • Low Investment
  • Low Overhead
  • Repeat Business
  • Fun Concepts
  • Established Fitness Programs and Routines
  • Marketing Program
  • Full Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Quick Start Up

Kids love FUN BUS! Their warm smiles and genuine laughter never fail to inspire us in coming up with awesome ideas. Business owners also have their own stories to share. Overall, a meaningful and happy life is just one franchise away. It’s simply a business worth investing.

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Mission Statement: Mission Statement: The mission of the FUN BUS is to enhance the lives of young children by providing a fun and safe environment where kids can build their self-esteem while improving coordination and gross motor skills through physical fitness and social interaction. Most importantly, our goal is to make fitness FUN!

If you are interested in booking your upcoming birthday party, special event or school program, contact the FUN BUS or visit our locations page to reserve a FUN BUS nearest you. If you are interested in learning more about the FUN BUS business, we encourage you to contact us or visit our Franchise Opportunities page. Like us on Facebook to see all the FUN!

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