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birthday party fun busFUN BUS Party Packages

BRONZE $195.00 •Flat rate, not based on attendance •One hour of Fitness FUN, music & amp; games (More time may be purchased) •FUN BUS t-shirt and water bottle for the Birthday child •Up to 15 FUN BUS invitations •FUN BUS stamp for each child •FUN BUS sticker for each child •Extra Special treatment for Birthday child

SILVER $245.00 •ADD Up to 15 goodie bags filled with original FUN BUS themed items including bag, crazy straw, stadium cup, band bracelet, tattoo, crayons and Fun Bus activity & coloring book. (More may be purchased)

GOLD $325.00 •Silver package PLUS up to 15 FUN BUS kids T-shirts (More may be purchased)

PLATINUM $350.00 •Gold package PLUS unique FUN BUS Piñata (not filled by us)

NEW:DESIGN YOUR OWN PACKAGE – More economical for smaller parties Order Bronze Package ($195.00) then add any quantity of the following to create your own package. Goodie Bags: $6 each Water Bottle and Bracelet: $3 T-shirts: $7 each Piñatas: $20 each

***Any zip codes not listed may incur a fuel surcharge.*** 80840, 80908, 80917, 80918, 80920, 80921, 80923, 80924, 80132

Special Events

A FUN BUS special event is one hour of organized entertainment for the children. The one hour session can be split into 20 & 30 minutes for larger groups. It consists of tumbling, climbing, jumping, hanging, flipping swinging, sliding — you name it! Some of the equipment on the bus includes: Giant Donut, Balance Beam, Basketball Hoops, Trampoline, Punching Bag, Mini Rock Wall, Rings, Monkey Bars, Tumbling Wedge and more.

We also play games and have a great time. It is an hour of structured fun. The children exit the bus through the rear door via a slide (weather permitting). Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold, the FUN BUS is the perfect way to entertain children at your special event.

20, 30 or 60 minute classes up to 15 children per session
Students grouped by age
We can come once, weekly, monthly, or annually (i.e. end of year parties, BBQ’s, Holidays)
20 minute mini classes allows for 45 children to participate in one-hour.

The Fun Bus is perfect for your school or camp with children ages 18 months-7 years. We will pull right up to your school and the children will come aboard and begin their FUN !! Within that one hour or more you can break it into as many classes as needed (max. in each class is 15 children at one time). For example, you can send 15 toddlers for 20 minutes, 15 preschoolers for 20 minutes then 15 pre-k’s for 20 minutes = 60 minutes. Other flexible scheduling is available. Children will be taught by certified Fun Bus instructors on our certified safety equipment. We are fully insured and will be more than happy to provide this to you upon request.

You must guarantee parking for the bus. Forty feet (four parking spaces) is needed. In addition, the parked bus cannot obstruct the flow of traffic on the street. Therefore, the street must be wide enough to allow other vehicles to pass by the parked bus.

Reservations are made on a first-come first-serve basis. Please call or email us for pricing options. Reserve the Fun Bus by following this link here.


FUN on Wheels Phone: 719-418-6629

Pricing for Fitness Classes and Special Events

Weekly Fitness Classes at Preschools and Daycares •30 minute classes •Students grouped by age •Session length determined by school – typically 4, 6, 8 or 10-week sessions •Two Payment Options

Payment Option 1: Parent Pays •$10 per class for first child •$9 per class for each additional sibling •No registration fee •Drop-ins welcome – $12 per class

Payment Option 2: School Pays •$150.00 for first hour, additional hours are discounted at $100.00 per hour •30 minute classes, up to 15 children per class •20 minute mini classes are also available, allows for 45 children to participate in one-hour.

Special Events at Preschools and Daycares •$150.00 for first hour •Additional hours are discounted at $100.00 per hour •Discounts available to non-profit agencies •Number of participants varies by options listed below

Fitness Class Option •Up to 15 children at one time on bus for a structured fitness class •Students are grouped by age •Standard Classes are 30-minutes long and taught by two instructors. Standard Classes include a warm-up, obstacle course, group game and cool down activity then slide out the back of the bus (weather permitting) •Mini Classes are 20-minutes in length and taught by two instructors. Mini Classes include warm-up and obstacle course then exit the bus down the slide (weather permitting).

Continuous Loop Option •Can serve an unlimited number of children •The obstacle course and slide are set up so children can go through the obstacle course then exit the bus using the slide. Children will walk back to the front of the bus to enter at the front steps and repeat. •Three FUN BUS instructors assist children both on and off the bus.


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