FAQ about FUN BUS Parties

Where does the bus park? Usually along the sidewalk in front of your house (school, church, park, etc). Party hosts typically reserve space for the bus by 1) parking their own cars in that space or 2) marking off the area with cones, chairs, large plastic toys, etc. We need approximately 50 feet of somewhat level space to park.

When will the bus arrive? We try to arrive 10-15 minutes before FUN BUS activities are scheduled to start. Upon our arrival, one of our staff members will greet you, answer any questions and set up the bus. We may ask for your help with nametags, especially with younger guests.

Are adults allowed on the bus? One or two parents are welcome at the front of the bus at any given time. We ask that they remain at the front of the bus unless special circumstances need to be considered. It is also not necessary for any adults to remain on the bus, if they prefer not to do so. Many times they take the opportunity to socialize with other adult guests.

Do the children take off their shoes? No. Shoes are worn at all times for health and safety reasons. No flip-flops, please.

When do we pay the balance? After the party we will collect the remaining balance due, if any. Tips for our staff are appreciated, but are left to your discretion.
What else? If the birthday child has special music requests, we’ll be happy to play a CD of his/her choice. Additionally, it is helpful if you have a pitcher of water handy. The children are playing and exercising vigorously on the bus and sometimes need a water break. This is more often the case during summer months. We’ll provide the cups.




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