The Best Bus Is So Much More Than a Bus

best bus renovationSchool is back in session once again and, though we drive the best bus on the road (in our humble opinion, of course), we are definitely not the only bus on the road. We love school and we’ve got our own kids in a few of them, but seeing all of the buses on the road got us a little sad that summer was over. All of the buses on the road also got us thinking, once again, about our wonderful FitKidz Fun Bus and what an awesome party mobile it is, created from a renovated bus. Our last blog article about renovated school buses was a hit, so we thought we’d take a look at some more buses that found second lives as cool little homes.

The Best Bus Is Sometimes No Longer a Bus

Jeremy and Mira Thompson transformed a 37-foot school bus into the coziest micro-home we’ve ever seen. The secret to living small is making efficient use of every bit of space and, as you can see, they’ve definitely come up with the best bus for storage (along with cuteness). Not only is their home a renovated bus, but they also shopped for furniture and decor at flea markets and garage sales. We’d love to know what their total expense was!

best bus renovation

Wales is the site of this great bus renovation. The Majestic Bus is the best bus used as a hotel. Originally intended to be renovated for use as a camper by Rob and Layla Robinson, they made the decision to instead turn it into a vacation home. Its got solar panel for the lights and to power phones and laptops, and a wood-burning stove to make it eco-friendly. The bathroom and small sitting area are located in a shed nearby (along with another wood-burning stove–it gets cold in Wales). The sectional couch also folds out into a double bed, so the bus can easily sleep 3-4 people. There’s a spot to pitch a tent nearby if you need more bus hotel, Wales

While it’s not the most stunning or the best bus conversion we’ve seen, we do like this quirky bus turned small home. And you can’t beat the price tag–they only paid $2,000 for the school bus that started them on the project. Unlike some of the others we’ve seen, this little gem has everything in its small footprint, including a toilet, shower, and washing machine!

best bus for quirkinessWe love the Big Blue Bus Tour blog–it’s definitely the best bus tour, rock stars notwithstanding. This family has taken six months off while Dad switches jobs. They sold their home and are moving onto the next big thing, but moving on in style, with a school bus they renovated themselves to not just sleep six, but also still drive. A lot of these homes pulled apart the driver’s seat for space, with the intent of staying in one place. Nope, not this one. This one’s got a family on the move.

big blue bus tour

So what do you think? Do you love them as much as we do? Not quite ready to live on a renovated school bus? That’s okay–you can’t live on the FitKidz Fun Bus anyway. But you’re more than welcome to check out the best bus for your kid’s party! Please call Lisa Tribianni at (732) 441-0282 for more information, email us at or reserve your FitKidz Fun Bus today. We are the best bus party for kids in Old Bridge, Matawan, Aberdeen, Morganville, Monroe, Hazlet, Keyport, Keansburg and Marlboro!

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