When Kids Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. inspired many with his dream of a peaceful and free society. Almost everyone has dreams, and some even spend a lifetime pursuing it. Children have their own dreams as well. And, many of them take it seriously enough that it leads us to wondering whether it’s really worth it. Join Fun Bus as we discuss what to do When Kids Dream.

Children and Their Dreams

When Kids DreamIf you live in California, you probably have heard about Ethan. This admirable six-year-old boy dreamed of becoming a garbage collector. Many residents showed their support last 2016 to make Ethan’s dream come true.

Skeptics may find this amusing, but to each person who cared Ethan was inspiring. A hero.

I have heard a similar story when my sister, as a child, dreamed of becoming a house help. In her own words she said, “I want to become a maid.” Sadly, the whole family just bursted into laughter upon hearing it. To her, the whole idea of becoming one was exciting. Sometimes, however, we are jaded with prejudice and doubt.

Well, how are we to teach children about dreams? When and how should we support them?

Ways to Nurture Ambition

Apparently, dreams play a great role in motivating each person to live. Many see it as their life’s purpose. When it comes to children, there are at least 3 things we can do to support them:

When Kids Dream1) Listen to them

Kids are full of imagination and fun. They can be unpredictable as well. In any relationship, communication is highly important. Just like adults, children have something to say. Listen to them, and get to know what they’re really interested about. Sometimes they just need help in understanding what they want. It pays to listen well.

2) Challenge them

As you help them figure their desires in life, challenge them to question their ideas. It’s a good way of helping them open their minds to other possibilities. This way, they can learn to be creative and be able to find extraordinary solutions.

When Kids Dream3) Go for a walk

Explore the world with children. Expose them to real life situations. There are a lot of things that they can learn outside of home. Willingly guide them, and just be there for them. It’s not about letting them go wild and free. It’s more about allowing them to connect and learn from others.

Making the World Awesome

We all have our differences. But, these differences aren’t reason enough to put others down. With dreams, who knows how great our society can become? To wrap it up, let me share this pep talk with Kid President. Together, let’s make this world an awesome place most especially for our children.

Got any other interesting ideas about kids? Share to us what you think! Feel free to drop in some ideas or suggestions about When Kids Dream. We love hearing from you!

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