There is a lot of great content on the Fun Bus website, but nothing can show you what the Fun Bus is and how the children react to the Fun Bus better than videos. We have put together a collection of videos from several of our locations to give you an idea of what you can expect with the Fun Bus.

Fun Buses Fitness on Wheels is a Climate Controlled bus(yes heat and air!) that is guaranteed to bring the FUN right to you! That’s right!


The FUN BUS is a full sized school bus whose seats have all been removed and walls and floor carpeted and padded. The FUN BUS philosophy is to enhance learning going on inside the classroom and home, using a hands-on approach to FITNESS and making it FUN for the young child, boy or girl, rain or shine!

This padded and safe equipment varies week to week depending on our lesson plans and children.

At the end of each session or party we have a “cool down” period, each child receives a stamp or sticker for doing a wonderful job and weather permitting slides out the back on the banana slide!

We can park wherever; a driveway, a parking lot, school, or a safe spot on the street.

Classes take place right on the bus and it NEVER moves while the children are on it. Classes and parties will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the Fun Bus and you.

Inside the lime green Fun Bus is a fully carpeted, ventilated fitness facility for children ages 18 months to seven years old. The Fun Bus visits daycares, preschools and nursery schools.

Monthly the Fun Bus Visit Rita's Apopka, here is a quick video of when Ice Guy made it to the Fun Bus!

This is a Fun Bus birthday party.

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to talking with you more about bringing the FUN BUS to you, your special event or your school.




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