Four Strategies Parents Use to Alleviate Their Child's Temper Tantrums

Child's Temper TantrumsOne of the biggest challenges of being a parent and having a toddler is knowing how to handle your child’s temper tantrums. Knowing this is one of the more unpopular necessities a parent needs to know. You love your children, but real love is being there for your children when nerves are shot and tensions are high. Kids are really good at bringing the worst out of parents sometimes, but understanding children and showing patience is often times the best medicine.

Here are four ways you can make life easier for you as a parent that will help you effectively handle your child’s temper tantrums:

    Child's Temper Tantrums can be limited by paying attention

  1. Lead by Example. All parents have been on the wrong end of a temper tantrum. Whether you are at the grocery store or in your home, you should always try to be as calm as possible. This is much easier said than done, but when you understand why your children are misbehaving, it’s much easier to deal with these episodes. Kids are great mimickers. They will always try to copy what they see their parents do. If you are going to teach your children to be cool and collected, then you have to lead by example.
  2. Learn to Predict Your Child’s Tantrums. Most of the time, kids have temper tantrums when they are tired, hungry or seeking attention. Understanding the signs your child is getting ready for a temper tantrum can often be difficult, but the more time and attention you give your kids the more you will be able to identify these signs. There is no magic formula for this. Children are going to show emotions, but you can limit their tantrums by understanding their habits and communicating with them.
  3. Prevent Child's Temper Tantrums

  4. Learn to Say “No”. One of the most difficult challenges in parenting is learning to say no. Children don’t like to hear this, but at the same time it’s paramount to their growth as a good person. Discipline is not a bad thing. Make sure to set boundaries by explaining to children what those are. As long as you communicate what you expect of them as parents, the more likely kids are going to respond in a more positive manner.
  5. Observe your Child. Paying attention to your children is often easier said than done. It’s hard when you are watching your favorite television show or doing housework, but it’s important to pay attention to what your children are doing. Make sure to participate in activities with them. At the same time, it’s important to schedule play time so they get exercise instead of playing video games or watching tv all the time. It’s important to police their technology (tv) time.

Author and Vice Chairman of Surgery at New York Presbyterian-Columbia University, Dr. Mehmet Oz, says “The easiest thing is to give in, to do anything to stop the insanity. Intellectually, we know that’s not good because it reinforces bad behavior. It’s much harder to stand your ground, but not impossible”.

Happy parents and childrenBeing a parent can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. It’s important to understand as a parent that your child is going to have temper tantrums. There is now way of avoiding that, but it’s how to proactively deal with the situation in advance by explaining what you expect of them and what the consequences are for disobeying you.

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