Parties and Events

FUN BUS is perfect for any party or event where young people might be looking for something FUN to do!

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kids party rentals at an event Boca Raton

With structured play, games and fitness, kids simply have a great time whenever FUN BUS arrives! Rain or shine, hot or cold, the FUN BUS is the perfect way to entertain children at your special event.

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Birthday Parties

When FUN BUS is part of your child's special day, we provide the FUN and entertainment, while you get to sit back and enjoy the break! Learn how FUN BUS will make sure your next party is talk of the neighborhood.

Grand Openings

Is your business looking for fresh ideas to help attract customers to your grand opening? FUN BUS is perfect for any grand opening with children in attendance. Parents love the structured and monitored playtime their children get to enjoy, and you'll be complimented on your thoughtful choice of FUN, yet safe entertainment!

Corporate Events

Be the hero of the water cooler gossip when you hire FUN BUS for your next company party, event or picnic. We are the preferred choice of parents for their children's entertainment because parents love the structured and safe playtime their children get to enjoy, while the adults get to sit back and relax!

Fundraising Events

You have enough to be worried about for your next fundraising event. Be sure your entertainment choice for children is spot on by reserving FUN BUS. Parents and children alike approve of the structured yet safe playtime that only FUN BUS can provide!

Parks and Recreation

When you are thinking about new ideas for a FUN and entertaining way to get kids involved at your next parks and recreation event, think no further than FUN BUS

Religious Events

Keep kids throughly entertained at your next religious celebration by inviting FUN BUS to be your entertainment of choice for children 18 mos to 7 years old. Parents will appreciate the high standards and care our amazing staff brings to your event, while the children will rave about the FUN!