Fitness and Sports Franchise Opportunities for Kids

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Consider Opening a Kids Sport Franchise!

Having a career that is meaningful, fun and flexible in a thriving industry is a dream come true for most professionals. While this combination of benefits may seem impossible to find, many business-minded individuals find all this and more when they open a kids sport franchise! Learn how this career path can offer fulfillment, flexibility and plenty of room for growth.

A smiling little girl plays on a swing at Fun Bus.

Why Open a Kids Athletic Franchise?


Trade the monotonous routine of a corporate 9 to 5 for a meaningful and fulfilling career as a kids athletic franchise owner. With childhood obesity impacting millions of children throughout the country, the quest to bring healthy habits to every community is more important than ever. Instilling a love of movement and exercise at a young age can positively impact each child’s life. For those who want to improve the lives of children, the emotional rewards of becoming a Franchise Owner with Fun Bus are immeasurable.


Especially for those in corporate America, work days can feel overly structured and repetitive. On the other hand, a career with Fun Bus is flexible and full of variety! From private parties and group events to recurring visits to schools and daycares, Fun Bus Franchise Owners provide a wealth of different services. Not only is this helpful from a business standpoint, but it also keeps boredom at bay for Franchise Owners.

Lucrative Industries

Kids fitness franchises sit at the intersection of lucrative industries such as summer camps, children’s birthday parties, and kids’ fitness. The demand for children’s fitness and sports offerings is at a record high as families and schools work to combat the obesity epidemic and make up for the dwindling physical education time allotted during the school day. With the right franchise partnership, Franchise Ownership in the kids athletic space may yield exciting returns.

Franchise Ownership with Fun Bus

For people who love working with children, opportunities for franchising in children’s activities can offer fulfillment and joy. At the same time, it's essential to carefully choose a franchise that aligns with your goals, budget, and risk tolerance level in order to set yourself up for a thriving and rewarding career. Fun Bus is a kids athletic franchise that offers a variety of programs, plenty of support, and a convenient mobile model.


Some kids' fitness businesses only operate in conjunction with a specific school district or as a standalone offering for birthday parties and events. Fun Bus combines the benefits of all of these activity types to create an adaptable business model. From private parties and group events to school partnerships and daycare add-ons, Fun Bus provides a variety of services and formats to ensure that every child gets the activity they need. With a wide range of lesson plans, Fun Bus keeps every session fresh and engaging.


One of the key benefits of becoming a Franchise Owner is the support and guidance available every step of the way. Fun Bus sets Franchise Owners up for success with thorough training and ongoing support. Starting a brand new business can be overwhelming when it comes to marketing, business setup, and more. Franchise ownership allows savvy entrepreneurs to skip the long slog of trial and error and dive right into the benefits of owning their own business.

A happy boy goes down a slide at Fun Bus - a kids sport franchise.

Mobile Model

Franchise Owners with Fun Bus enjoy the flexibility and freedom of a business on wheels! This structure allows for a healthy work-life balance and an easily scalable model. All Franchise Owners receive a fully-equipped refurbished school bus, complete with climate control, surround sound, and age-appropriate gym equipment. These buses are transported to you and custom-padded for safety.

Your career should be fulfilling and meaningful while offering plenty of opportunities for healthy returns. With Fun Bus, Franchise Owners enjoy thorough training and support to thrive in the rewarding work of providing exercise and fun to kids in their community. Open your own Fun Bus today!

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