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Children's Entertainment and Party Franchises

When it comes to children's franchise opportunities, the Fun Bus has it all. If you are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity that pursues a higher goal, allows you to set your schedule, offers a lower investment cost and is FUN, then you will want to check out the BIG GREEN BUS.

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Youth Fitness

Franchise Owners of Fun Bus care about the health and well-being of children. They foster a love for fitness through fun activities. Our mobile program brings fun and kid-friendly exercise opportunities directly to children. In this way, we facilitate a positive impact on any community. Parents and educators today are well aware of the childhood obesity epidemic. Children have more downtime with continual access to screens. More and more children are missing out on quality time doing physical activities that build strength, coordination and confidence.

Long story short: children need time climbing, crawling, swinging, jumping, running, etc. Our mobile kids' gyms are the remedy that our communities need — easy access to FUN fitness activities.

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Fun Bus is a unique franchise opportunity allowing you to set your own hours and destination by using a refurbished school bus. We bring fitness and fun directly to preschools, daycares and birthday parties. Our business model's convenience makes our service an ideal option for parents and child educators.

The Fun Bus program is also an excellent choice for community events. Birthday parties are a great example of an event for which our mobile BIG GREEN BUS is ideal. Parents today are looking for party options that will not only be a hit with the kids but also provide convenience. Our 50+ FUN plans that professionals designed for our FUN BUS model will ensure any birthday party will be a fun and memorable event.

Our mission of “driving the love of fitness to the young child” provides the convenience and the positive impact that any parent would be grateful for when planning a party for their child.

Lower Investment Cost

The other advantage using remodeled school buses is the lower investment cost of owning a franchise with us. Rather than purchasing a traditional expensive brick-and-mortar business, our BIG GREEN BUS is a fraction of the cost. This lower investment cost means owning a franchise of your own is not as out of reach as you might think.

Multiple Potential Clientele

Parents, educators, community or private event organizers — each group is in the market for what Fun Bus provides. A kids' gym that offers structured and fun activities is ideal for special events like birthdays or community celebrations. In addition to the special events, our fitness classes also pair well with ordinary weekly gatherings like those designed to meet the requirements for physical activity at preschools and daycares. Parents and educators are always looking for a reliable, convenient and fun option for giving the children in their lives memorable experiences and birthday celebrations.

Fun Bus is an ideal franchise for entrepreneurs passionate about providing children with the tools necessary to lead a healthy life. The programs we provide will create fun memories that foster joy for fitness with all participants. Our mobile gym for kids is the business opportunity that franchise owners wanting to provide their community with a valuable service while maintaining autonomy over their schedule have been searching for.

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