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The total investment to open a FUN BUS ranges between $63,850-$144,000*.
The Franchise Fee is $34,000. We also offer a discounted rate if you're interested in starting more than one FUN BUS to franchise children's activities.
Yes. FUNtrepreneurs in our system pay a monthly royalty equal to 7% of your gross sales.
FUN BUS is a mobile franchise for fitness, aka "gym on wheels!" We bring the FUN and fitness directly to children ages 2-7 in a full size refurbished BRIGHT GREEN school bus. Parents and educators LOVE the convenience of FUN BUS and children have a blast jumping, climbing, and learning - all without realizing they are getting a workout.
We provide structured fitness classes led by two FUN Instructors that consist of warm ups, stretching, cardio, music, dance, obstacle courses, group games, tumble skills and more. The kiddos never get bored!
Yes! We have 50+ different lesson plans that utilize the equipment on the bus. These plans were designed by industry experts to help enhance childhood development.
A standard FUN BUS features tumble mats, climbing shapes, parallel bars, swings and rings, basketball hoop, an exit slide and much, MUCH more. It also comes equipped with a surround sound system and an onboard generator to power multiple A/C and heating units.
Incredible! We are one of, if not THE ONLY, mobile gym franchise in the child fitness industry that offers the services we do. Competitors have come and gone. Where they specialized in one thing, we specialize in all things, making our program desirable to parents, educators and kids.
When we market, we look to attract Director of Childcare Centers who would be interested in incorporating our program into their curriculum. In addition, we market to parents of young children, event coordinators and party planners because FUN BUS can be a children's party franchise as well.
We nurture physical, social, intellectual and language skills in children. We also instill confidence, self-esteem and healthy fitness habits, all while having FUN and making memories that will last a lifetime.
Not long at all. Within 90-120 days, you should be ready to roll!
No! There is no sort of specialty license, including a CDL, required to own a FUN BUS kids gym franchise!
Buses, that act as an indoor playground franchise, are typically parked at a local storage unit or locally rented parking space.
No! Our FUNtrepreneurs are able to set up a home office and work from home, thus keeping investment and ongoing costs low for a mobile gym franchise.
Absolutely not! This is actually one of the easiest parts of setting up your own FUN BUS kids gym franchise! We have relationships with existing insurance providers to help facilitate this process.
The typical cost of insurance, per month, is relatively low, ranging between $150 and $300.
Yes! With an onboard generator powering multiple AC/heating units, you're able to provide a comfortable atmosphere regardless of season!
Yes! We are looking for interested parties throughout all of Canada!
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