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Benefits of FUN BUS

Posted on Feb 6th 2019


Benefits of FUN BUS

It is a well-known fact that exercise provides a variety of benefits for young children. through franchising. It is our philosophy that increased exercise in children, at a young age, will not only improve their health but it will also improve their performance in school, their social lives, and will provide them with positive habits that will stick with them throughout their entire lives Countless studies have been published which show these positive impacts. Fitness classes for kids are built to help encourage play, cooperation, the development of motor skills, and can even have a profound influence on a child's cognitive abilities. So what are these benefits?

Benefits of Fitness Classes for Kids


Improved Memory

says that strength training and weight lifting has been shown to enhance memory, especially in children and young adults. This improved memory can lead to higher test scores and better overall academic and professional performance.

Increased Reasoning Skills

, exercise and after school play programs can greatly enhance cognition in children under the age of ten. This means that the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through experiences and perceptions is made easier for children who are able to participate in these exercise programs.

Decreased Inattentiveness, Enhanced Focus

has found that exercise can help reduce ADHD symptoms in children. This means that children who have some sort of exercise will be able to focus for longer and become more attentive students. These are just a few of the reasons that parents are starting to enroll their children more and more into additional exercise programs and fitness classes for kids and only a few reasons why now is a good time to franchise with FUN BUS! Interested in bringing the benefits of FUN BUS to your community? CLICK HERE - This link will take you to our franchising site where you will be able to read and request more information!

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