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Meet Our FUN BUS Franchise Owner, Mia Buckley!

Posted on Aug 1st 2019


Meet Our FUN BUS Franchise Owner, Mia Buckley!

We're excited to introduce FUN BUS franchise owner Mia Buckley! In the above video, Mia talks about how she became involved with our children's fitness franchise and how starting her own business gave her a new, rewarding career outside of the corporate world!

"Before my life with FUN BUS," Mia states, "I worked in the corporate world. You have to go by a lot of other people's schedules, what the boss wants, how late you're gonna work. I wanted to do something a little bit more closer to home, something with a little bit more flexibility. My daughter went on the FUN BUS at her daycare, and that's how I found about FUN BUS! We were one of the first franchises, so when FUN BUS started franchising, I knew we needed to look at this. Everyone wants to do stuff for their kids, so that was an easy model to follow."

So, what does Mia do on a daily basis? "As an owner, we're busy answering questions, talking to parents, trying to explain what we do at FUN BUS. We also go on and interact with the schools, teachers, and the kids themselves."

At FUN BUS, we always ensure that our franchise owners receive the support and training they need to become successful business owners. Mia attests to that, saying "support is fantastic. I'm very close to the corporate office and whenever I have a question, they're always there, as far as what I need to do, how I need to do it, who I need to call. That part has been fantastic."

In every aspect in her business, Mia argues that she has gained numerous benefits that were both rewarding and learning experiences as her own boss with our children's fitness franchise! "The most rewarding thing, I would say, is seeing the smiles on the kids faces. I've always loved that. I may not be on the bus as much as I was when I first started but hearing the comments from the parents, they love seeing their kids playing and having a good time so that's very rewarding," Mia explains. "I would say the biggest challenge is maintaining the buses, for one. I didn't come from a mechanic background, so you learn a lot. Actually, I can check the oil in the buses and I don't even know how to do it in my car, so I have learned a lot!" When you become a franchise owner with FUN BUS, we know that our unique business model will always keep you learning and growing as an individual.

In regards to the competition in our industry, Mia explains, "we've had some competitors along the way, but to be honest, I've feel like they've come and gone. They all base their stuff on one thing, whereas we do a lot of different things, as far as activities goes. We can incorporate those one things into anything we're doing here, whether it's soccer or dancing. Anything that one corporation can do, we can filter into what we do, so it filters them out a bit." Like Mia said, the various activities we hold in our buses distinguish us from any other fitness program for children. Our unique concept behind our mobile gym franchise truly allows us to stand out from the rest of our competitors on a consistent basis!

So, how is Mia doing with her FUN BUS franchise today?

"Business is great! My short term goal: I just added another bus, so I'm looking to fill it over the next year to see if I can double everything I'm doing now. My long term goal, over the next five years, is to grow the business a little more and make it even more marketable. I want to make this business strong for the next owners that come in at some point."

We are thrilled to see how Mia has found a rewarding and fulfilling career with FUN BUS. We can't wait to see how Mia continues to grow her business in the future!

Mia found a flexible and rewarding career with FUN BUS and so can you! As we mobilize our children's fitness franchise across the country, you could be the next member of our FUN BUS family. CLICK HERE to visit our franchising page, where you can learn about how you can bring a FUN BUS to your community!

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