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Q & A Interview with FUN BUS President Stacey Kimmins!

Posted on Jul 3rd 2019


Q & A Interview with FUN BUS President Stacey Kimmins!

After joining FUN BUS in 2014, President Stacey Kimmins transformed our business model and initiated the amazing growth and evolution of our mobile fitness franchise. With her vision and new systems translating into success, we are excited and ready to welcome new FUNtrepreneurs into our FUN BUS family and bring the joy of mobile fitness to children and communities across the country!

Stacey recently sat down with Franchise Interviews to discuss what it's like to be a franchisee with FUN BUS and the goals of our mobile fitness franchise.


What has been the most interesting thing that has happened to you since launching FUN BUS?

"I think the relationships with the franchisees, vendors, and people in the franchisee world. It has been a joy to watch the franchisees in each of their new successes and have them grow, and be successful in our model. Franchising as a model has opened my world to meet so many amazing people. I learn from them and continue to want to learn more."


What is the training like for new franchisees?

"Our training is quite extensive. It is focused on both new business development and brand standard program requirements. We have a forty-hour training curriculum that includes both in class learning as well as an on the bus program training. Our franchisees are expected to know our branded FUN BUS music and the skills necessary to provide a safe environment that we expect, so new franchisees will participate in live FUN BUS classes, events, and parties as part of their on-boarding."


What is a typical day like for FUN BUS franchisees?

"Typically on Monday through Fridays, our days start with getting the buses rolling out to each of the schools that we have scheduled for that day for the weekly fitness sessions that begin around 9 or 9:30AM based on the day care schedule. Staff arrive early to warm up or cool down the bus and get the buses set up for the lesson plans and theme. Once all the buses are dispatched, the franchisees are out marketing and developing new business. They are following up on leads but they are also providing quality checks to their existing schools to maintain their relationships with the directors and staffs of the schools. They are also networking and participating in community-based events, which typically lead to a lot of our new business. They are always looking to fill their calendar a season ahead. In addition, they are booking birthday parties to fill their weekend calendars which we like to call, our "Weekend Warrior Staff". Sessions typically end in the late afternoon. We do sometimes
have evening events."


What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to buy a franchise?

"That is a great question. I would say to look for a business that you could not only feel good about but that you see yourself doing every day. Business ownership is hard and comes with ups and downs but I think if you love what you do, it makes the ups and downs a lot easier to ride out. Also, find a business that fits your family's goals and that makes it a lot easier to continue to be excited about it every day."


What is FUN BUS's plans for the future?

"Well, short-term and leading up to the three to five-year mark, our goal is brand awareness because once people experience
the FUN BUS, they just love the FUN BUS! Our long-term goal is to expand across the United States and to try and reach 100 units in the next seven years. We know have a multi-unit development opportunity to support this and we also have a new bus leasing program, which has been making it much easier to get franchisees into business but also help owners add more buses to grow and scale more efficiently. I am pumped for the future. We are positioned for some strong solid growth in bringing the FUN BUS to many kids across the country."


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