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Owning a Child Enrichment Franchise is Entrepreneurship
With a Solid Foundation.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business but haven’t known how to get started, or worry about the risks associated with starting something new, franchising really is the best of both worlds.

As a franchise owner with FUN BUS, you have the opportunity to stretch your creative problem solving skills and enjoy a more flexible schedule while also taking advantage of the expertise of those who have gone before you. Instead of starting from scratch, you’ll be able to dedicate much more of your time to building positive relationships with your employees and customers. You’ll know what your initial investment will be and have a better forecast on when you’re likely to start turning a profit. Starting a new business is a wild ride, but when you partner with a supportive franchise, you can enjoy the adventure!

As a child enrichment franchise, FUN BUS has more than 20 years of experience in providing a quality product that customers love. Our success depends upon the confidence of our owners and their teams. We are committed to providing unparalleled support for our owners from the moment they partner with us and continuing on for years to come.

FUN BUS owners are provided with great training from excellent corporate staff.

What Support Does FUN BUS Provide?

Compared to the solo adventure of opening your own business, franchise owners can expect a full range of supports from their company. FUN BUS is no exception. Supports a franchise should offer their owners include the following:


Most franchises don’t require owners to have prior experience either as business owners or within the field of the business itself. Depending on the type of business you’ve partnered with, you can expect to receive adequate training to do your job. This includes detailed instructions on handling legal requirements of daily operations of a business, best practices in hiring and working with employees, and the tasks of the job itself. Some franchises offer on-site observation and training opportunities so new owners can learn from established owners.

Location Establishment

Finding just the right place to start work makes a huge difference in the longevity and financial success of your new business. Franchises should offer new owners help in identifying the ideal location, as well as assist you in navigating the process of acquiring necessary permits and licenses to maintain your location. Franchises should also provide owners with necessary branding supplies like signs, flyers and other decorations. Many franchises will also be able to provide owners with special discounted rates on products needed to run the business to help mitigate ownership costs.

As a unique child entertainment franchise that doesn’t require a permanent location, FUN BUS still provides owners with these supports through assistance in finding and renovating the perfect bus, acquiring necessary supplies and support in obtaining required licenses.

FUN BUS's child enrichment franchise is always a hit at events in the community - FUN BUS can help you get started.
FUN BUS gives access to the resources you need to create a fun, safe experience for cute kids like this.

Access to Resources

Even after a franchise has officially opened to the public, franchise owners should expect ongoing support from their business. This includes ongoing training opportunities, corporate help lines, and check-ins from the company to provide specific support for your individual needs. Additionally, franchises should offer channels for feedback on how you have found success or what challenges you face so that systems can be improved and developed as the needs and wants of your customers shift.

Marketing and Advertising

You can expect your franchise will assist you with marketing your new business. After all, the overall opinion of the brand depends on the success of owners like you! Your company should give you access to all the necessary branding resources you need and help you as you get started. This includes everything from labels, fonts and paint colors to social media advertising across various platforms.

Additionally, most franchises have experts on hand to strategize and assist in the implementation of the marketing and advertising plan for your business, so that you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

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When asked if I'm loving FUN BUS, I always answer: Definitely! My passion is for connecting with people, especially kids, and providing positive reinforcement and building self-esteem. FUN BUS is perfect for that.

- Joe Texeira FUN BUS FUNtrepreneur

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