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When it comes to the kids' fitness industry, there's only one kid fitness franchise that should come to mind: FUN BUS! FUN BUS is truly a one-of-a-kind children's fitness franchise. We not only promote a love of fitness early on for children but bring them lifelong memories in the most fun of environments. Truly at the heart of the kids'fitness industry, FUN BUS provides Franchise Owners with incredible financial and personal opportunities to expand their career paths and the joy in their hearts. Let's explore what the kids' fitness industry is all about and how FUN BUS is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to corner the market in their local communities.

The Kid Fitness Industry At A Glance

The kids’ fitness industry is a very unique industry that has incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs with a passion for enhancing kids’ lives. The industry boasts $301.8 million in annual revenue. Not a bad chunk of change! Even better, the market has seen a 6.6% growth in 2021 alone. While the industry mainly focuses on standard brick-and-mortar facilities, FUN BUS is not restricted to just one place, therefore the financial gains that can be had have no limit except distance.

Owners of a Kids Fitness Franchise - FUN BUS.
Owner of an Indoor Kids Fitness Playground Franchise - FUN BUS.

What's So Important About Kids' Fitness?

Run-of-the-mill fitness programs in school or sports leave little room for children to fully enjoy themselves and grow as individuals. A kid fitness franchises like FUN BUS provide children with a way to expand their ideas of what fitness is all about. Franchise Owners get to experience true personal fulfillment in bringing children the benefits of fitness mixed with fun!

Kids' Fitness Is So Important Because Of The Following:

Improve Grades

Greater discipline and self-confidence can have another profound benefit: better grades. As a kids’ fitness Franchise Owner, you'll be enhancing these kids’ academic performance by giving them an outlet for all that physical energy. It’s been proven that increased physical activity promotes good brain health, and might therefore even improve one’s performance on tests.

Increases Self-Confidence

People who are fit and healthy display greater self-confidence than those who are overweight or out of shape. This holds true for children as well as adults. Your fitness program at FUN BUS can help kids branch out of their comfort zone and give them the confidence they need to build strong and meaningful relationships with others.

Fitness Builds Discipline

Working out on a regular basis naturally builds discipline. By making time for fitness classes, children will learn to set aside their own wishes and instead focus on doing something positive. They may also be more inspired to put down their electronics and play outdoors, even when they aren’t in class.

Develop Good Habits

With children enrolled in the fitness classes that you provide, you will be instilling good habits surrounding physical movement that will last well into adulthood.

Join In On A Kid Fitness Franchise Opportunity!

Cornering the kids' fitness market in your local community is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible opportunities you'll enjoy as a FUN BUS Franchise Owner. You get the schedule you've always wanted while helping make a busy parent's life easier! Here are a few more reasons why investing in our kid fitness franchise is the best move for you:

Girl playing at a kid fitness franchise - FUN BUS.
Freedom in Mobility

FUN BUS has wheels and is not bound to a single location, unlike other franchises. It drives business — and drives to businesses!

Easily Scalable

Once you've figured out bus No. 1 and you’re feeling comfortable in the business, you can easily scale to two or more buses!

Community Focused

Our entrepreneurs are actively involved in their communities through networking or through the positive impact that they make on children's physical activity.


With FUN BUS you are helping children with their confidence, social/motor skills, and instilling healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Don't wait any longer to get in on the fun that our kids' fitness franchise can bring you and the security it can bring you financially.

Contact us today so that we can get you started on the FUN BUS path. You'll be chugging along in no time!