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Benefits of Franchising

Are you tired of working in corporate America? Do you want to try running your own business but are unsure where to start? Do you want to work with children outside of traditional sources like daycare or public school? If any of these questions sound like you, you should consider the benefits of franchising!

There are endless benefits of franchising with FUN BUS - like these cute kids and their excitement seeing the BRIGHT GREEN BUS!

Owning a Business with a Franchise

When you start a business from scratch, there are a lot of unknowns and unpredictable variables. You have to figure out how much you need to invest and how much product or supply to order. Then there’s coming up with a business plan and marketing to try and reach your audience. And even after all that hard work, it might take months to turn a profit.

By opening a franchise instead of starting your own business from scratch, you take away the stress of many of these unknowns. There’s a business plan, a product that has already been tested and is in demand, and a loyal customer base already in place. Most franchises offer in–depth initial training and ongoing support through access to marketing materials and brand management experts. With an established franchise, you can expect a more predictable financial investment and have a reasonable estimate of when you might start making a profit.

Flexibility is an important part of our franchise - both for our owners, and the kids who love the bus.

In addition to the structural benefits of the franchise itself, Franchise Owners have more flexibility than they would have in a more traditional workplace. As a Franchise Owner, you have the freedom to set your own schedule and manage your growth. In fact, some franchises have structures that allow you to work from home so you can spend more time on the things that matter to you without sacrificing your financial security.

Opening a franchise does require a good deal of work and perseverance. Still, one of the best benefits is the comparably low risk compared to other entrepreneurial opportunities. Unlike solo business ventures, most franchises remain open after their first few years. If you partner with the right franchise, you can transform your job into a passion project and watch that passion lead you to a better overall quality of life.

Benefits of Franchising with FUN BUS

If you want to open a franchise that makes a difference in your community, gives you a quick return on your investment and provides maximum convenience and flexibility, look no further than FUN BUS. In our signature BRIGHT GREEN BUS, we take our FUN on the road! No need to invest in expensive storefronts that must be maintained and staffed—with FUN BUS, you can go wherever you’re called and manage business needs from the comfort of your home.

As a mobile franchise, your operating costs are much lower. Your BRIGHT GREEN BUS advertises your business wherever you go, whether to a regular appointment at a local daycare or a birthday party in a neighborhood across town. With a fast ramp–up time and low investment cost, FUN BUS owners generally see a quicker ROI than similar franchises.

Whether you have experience owning a business and working with children or not, you can rely on FUN BUS to provide the support you need to succeed. You'll receive access to a wide variety of lesson plans and activity guides for whatever the occasion. We'll also provide all the equipment and tools you need to create exciting (and safe) experiences for the children in your care. Your bus arrives ready to go from the beginning and is equipped with air conditioning and heating capabilities so that you can keep the FUN on the road, no matter the season.

When our owners are happy with the benefits of franchising, the kids are too, just like this smiling boy on our yellow slide.
FUN BUS provides owners with support from our corporate team and other franchise owners.

We are proud that our one-of-a-kind mobile kid's gym franchise offers industry–low investment requirements, with no expensive lease agreements or buildout costs. We also have incredible scalability—our operations are so streamlined, many of our owners choose to add additional busses to their fleet, giving them increased sources of revenue and greater brand recognition throughout their community.

But the profit margins aren't even the best part. We believe that one of the greatest benefits of owning with FUN BUS is the FUN you get to have on the job! With fitness programs in schools being cut and parents with increasingly busy schedules, you get the joy of helping children develop life-long fitness habits through creative play every day. You'll see and hear each child's excitement as you combat childhood obesity and create memories that last a lifetime. If you want to make having fun an integral part of your job, then you should absolutely consider opening your own FUN BUS! Ask about our franchise opportunity today.

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