The Bright Green Bus

What Makes our Mobile Franchise so Unique?

Among children’s franchises, FUN BUS stands out — literally! It’s hard to miss our BRIGHT GREEN BUS and the fun it brings to children in your community. Learn more about why this mobile franchise is such a unique option for potential owners, and how working with FUN BUS can be a smart and successful business move for you!

We are a Mobile Franchise!

Unlike many others, FUN BUS is an entirely mobile franchise! Other franchises require brick and mortar store locations which can limit the reach of your business and add to the cost to own and operate. With your BRIGHT GREEN BUS you can go wherever the business is and advertise as you go! You can manage all the office work from the comfort of your home and take the fun on the road.

We are Simple!

We’ve worked hard to keep running a FUN BUS simple for our owners. Your beautiful bus arrives ready to go and fully equipped with everything you’ll need to keep the fun rolling year round. You’ll have access to ongoing training and a whole library of professionally crafted lessons to choose from depending on the needs and wants of each client. Not only do we strive to be simple for our owners, but for our customers as well. Your customers will love being able to sit back and enjoy their event rather than having to worry about creating activities and cleaning up all the mess when it’s over! When customers hire FUN BUS, they know that they (and their kids) are in great hands!

Young boy enjoying the slides with FUN BUS's mobile franchise.
The inside of the bus is colorful, fun, and fully padded for safety.

We are Safe!

Putting a kid’s gym in a bus might seem like a crazy idea, but we love a little bit of crazy! We want to make sure that the crazy is safe for the kids who come to play with us. That means specially outfitted buses with padded walls and loads of safe, kid friendly gym equipment. You’ll be amazed at how much we can fit into a bus — blocks, monkey bars, even a great slide! FUN BUS proves that fitness can be both fun and safe!

We are Flexible!

Thanks to a large library of professionally crafted lessons, FUN BUS is able to create the perfect experience for a wide variety of community needs. As a mobile franchise, we go to preschools, daycares, birthday parties, family reunions — anywhere we can. This flexibility adds variety to your day and increases your customer base.

We are Scalable!

Unlike other businesses that require a large ramp-up period to build business, franchising with FUN BUS provides a quick ROI, allowing you to expand quickly into your community. With multiple buses running throughout your community, you’ll be able to serve as captain to an entire fleet of buses!

We are Fun!

We spend so many of our waking hours at work, why not love what you do? When you work with FUN BUS, you get to spend your time playing games that involve dancing and moving with kids in your community. They love being on board your BRIGHT GREEN BUS, and you get to provide them with a special, one-of-a-kind experience.

Young girl crawling through tube and enjoying FUN BUS - a fun and fulfilling mobile franchise for both kids and our owners.

We Are Influential!

Childhood obesity rates have increased over the last few years — even more so since the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools that were already limiting student physical activity have been pressured to cut back even more in an effort to get everyone back on track academically, even though studies show that physical activity is an incredibly important part of child development. With a FUN BUS mobile franchise, you get to help play an important role in filling in that void, providing children in your community with a needed service that can change their lives!

So, FUN BUS is Unique, but Does it Make for Good Business?

Absolutely! FUN BUS primarily draws on three unique but profitable markets: the $500 million kids fitness market, the $2 billion summer camp market, and the $25 billion birthday party market. Now more than ever, parents, guardians, and other caretakers want to keep their children active! Increased emphasis on standardized testing and less time set aside for physical education and recess means that children miss out on valuable life lessons not only in movement, but in cooperative, imaginative play. With FUN BUS, you have the opportunity to fill a need in your community and make a profit.

In fact, our franchise owners bring in an average of $154,587 annually, making us one of the most profitable investments around. If you have a desire to fill your day with work that fills your heart and your pocketbook, consider franchising with FUN BUS today.

Happy, healthy children make for good business, and with FUN BUS's mobile franchise, that's exactly what you get.

If you’re looking for a future that’s full of fun and success, FUN BUS is the preschool franchise for you!