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Benefits of FUN BUS

Posted on Feb 6th 2019

It is a well-known fact that exercise provides a variety of benefits for young children.

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Benefits of Owning a FUN BUS Franchise

Posted on Aug 28th 2018

Over the years, FUN BUS has brought fun, fitness, and learning to kids everywhere. Our franchise opportunities have provided business owners with the privileges of earning and making the most out of their personal lives. Today, our Franchise Owners are loving and enjoying the benefits of owning a FUN BUS franchise. Read on to learn more about them and to learn how you can own your own FUN BUS franchise! Owning Your Own Business When thinking about owning your own business, many people are looking for a meaningful way to make a living. This generally means that they're desiring something that has the ability to help make an impact and provide more time with the people you care about. My husband and I were looking for a change and we were interested in owning our own business. When we found out about FUN BUS, we had young children in the same age range that FUN BUS serves. We wanted something that was a little bit happier and more meaningful than some of the corporate drudgery that can be out there with some jobs. It's nice to see people smile when we pull up with our big green FUN BUS." Darla Phillips, Owner, Tulsa, OK Fun Bus Financial freedom and happiness are among the things that everyone seeks, whether in business or in personal life. Having a business that allows you to achieve both is absolutely something worth investing in. FUN BUS Franchise Benefits Competition, cost, and support are often the main concerns when someone is looking to open up or own their own business. With FUN BUS, you are able to focus on a specific market that offers little competition. We take pride in our unique business concept that combines fun, learning, and fitness for kids while at the same time providing excellent support and revenue potential for our Franchise Owners. FUN BUS Owners

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