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Meet FUN BUS President - Stacey Kimmins

Posted on Jun 20th 2019

FUN BUS was originally started in 2003 by a creative daycare owner who wanted to provide better, more involved fitness programs not only for her students but for children everywhere. To accomplish this, the daycare owner refurbished an old, retired school bus and decided to make her dream mobile. Bringing the fun to preschools, birthday parties, various centers, and other special events, FUN BUS quickly grew to take advantage of an unfulfilled and unsatisfied market. When the opportunity to purchase FUN BUS presented itself, I jumped at it and I haven't looked back. My name is Stacey Kimmins and I acquired FUN BUS in 2014. It quickly became apparent that there was SO MUCH more to FUN BUS than what originally met my eye. I realized, immediately, that FUN BUS was more than just kids playing on a bus - it was creating and providing these children fond memories and experiences that will never be forgotten while teaching healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. It was easy to see just how much the kids loved FUN BUS but it was just as exciting to hear about how much their parents loved it, too! Almost every conversation and interaction regarding FUN BUS was positive and enthusiastic and it soon became difficult to find anybody who hadn't yet experienced FUN BUS. My nephew, Mason, was signed up for FUN BUS at his preschool and his pediatrician was impressed at his improved level of motor skills. When it comes to FUN BUS, the list of positives continues to grow and grow. Here at FUN BUS, our mission is "driving young children to the love of fitness." We are uniquely positioned and extremely excited about FUN BUS and we are looking for new FUNtrepreneurs (as we like to call our Franchise Owners) who are looking for an opportunity for a low-investment, high-growth potential, management model franchise. With FUN BUS, you not only have a chance to make a difference by building a healthier community but you are also given a flexible work-life balance that allows you to spend more time with the people you care about. FUN BUS is a difference maker for everybody involved! If you are interested in becoming your own boss and making a positive, healthy difference in your community, I implore you to look into franchising with FUN BUS. With any luck, we will have a chance to meet each other personally, very soon. Thank you for your interest in FUN BUS and have a FUN day! - Stacey Kimmins, President of FUN BUS

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FUN BUS Officially Open in North Tarrant County, Texas

Posted on Jun 5th 2019

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Hiren and Hetaswi Patel to the growing FUN BUS family! This husband & wife tandem just opened the newest FUN BUS location in North Tarrant County, Texas, and couldn't be more excited about it! Hiren was actually first introduced to our children's fitness franchise opportunity by his sister who actually owns two FUN BUSes of her own in New Jersey! With his wife by his side, and with additional validation added by his sister, Hirem decided that FUN BUS was an opportunity worth pursuing.

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FUN BUS Owner Gives Back With Education Foundation Fundraising Event

Posted on May 24th 2019

Click here to learn more about our organization and find out just what drives the FUN BUS franchise!

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New FUN BUS Franchise Rides into Denton County

Posted on Apr 18th 2019

We are excited to introduce the newest FUN BUS Franchise Owner, Chris Siegel! Chris will be bringing not one, but TWO Fun Buses to the Denton County, Texas area! Almost 11 years ago, Chris made his debut as a daycare business owner. This was also when his first child was only 6 and his second child was only 3. Now, 11 years later, after running a successful daycare and having two additional children (aged 11 and 4), it's become apparent that Chris has both the passion for early childhood education as well as the entrepreneurial spirit that makes him an ideal partner for FUN BUS!

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How FUN BUS Helps Fight Childhood Obesity with Fun, Educational Exercise

Posted on Mar 6th 2019

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