Opening a Kids Entertainment Franchise

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Do you love working with kids? Are you looking for a way to give back to your community? Whether you’re looking for a new career path or a solid financial investment, opening a kids entertainment franchise may be just what you need! Learn how to invest in yourself while also giving back to your community with FUN BUS.

A happy girl crawls through a tunnel with FUN BUS's kids entertainment franchise.

Community Focus

Perhaps you’ve always worked with children but are ready for more control over your schedule and workload than teaching or daycare roles allow. Maybe you’ve always been a business person, but you’re ready to embark on a more fulfilling endeavor. Either way, our franchise offers the best of both worlds: the opportunity for a flexible and lucrative career that contributes positively to your community.

The goal of FUN BUS is to facilitate enriching, entertaining, and fun activities for children. Childhood obesity is a growing problem in the United States, and many schools have cut back on physical education programs. Recess times are also shorter for students, decreasing their opportunity to run around and play.

We provide opportunities for kids to have fun and be active. Not only does this teach children healthy behaviors, but it also helps build their self–esteem. We believe this is an important and worthwhile endeavor and one that helps communities thrive. Owning a franchise you genuinely care about that allows you to make a positive impact is a path to career satisfaction and fulfillment.

Upbeat Energy

One of the most rewarding aspects of running a franchise with FUN BUS is the upbeat energy and many opportunities for connection! With music, dancing, games and more, kids get necessary active time while building interpersonal skills and self–awareness. Meanwhile, you get to connect with parents, teachers, administrators and organizers in your community who share your passion for children’s health and fitness.

Say goodbye to counting down the hours stuck behind a computer. Opening a franchise with us allows you to engage with community members and play a role in a joyful and essential part of kids’ routines.

Kids swing energetically on monkeybars with FUN BUS's kids entertainment franchise.

Mobile Format and Flexibility

Instead of keeping you tied to a desk or draining your hard-earned capital on a lease, With FUN BUS, you won't be tied to a desk and won't have your hard-earned capital drained by a lease. We utilize a mobile format that keeps you in control and allows you to meet your community where they are. You can adapt and adjust your schedule to fit your lifestyle and priorities, as well as the needs of your community.

The mobile format also means you're not tied to one type of client. Instead, you can diversify your offerings to optimize your success. For example, some entertainment franchises for kids may only see good business during the summer as an alternative to the time kids spend in school. On the other hand, some business models only allow for operation inside schools, making summertime and other school breaks difficult for business.

With FUN BUS, you get the best of both worlds. It's common to partner with schools for weekly sessions. You can also find convenient and rewarding partnerships with parents throwing parties or gatherings, community centers looking for fun and new events, local event planners, and much more. The variety of lesson plans and endless opportunities for new clients keeps your business fresh and fun!

A happy little boy sliding down FUN BUS's bright yellow slide.

High Demand

A happy little boy sliding down FUN BUS's bright yellow slide.

As the opportunity for kids to be active at school continues to shrink, and parent schedules continue to be crammed, there's a high demand for entertainment franchises for kids to step in and fill the need for children's fitness. Children need the space and structure to move in a fun and safe way and learn to enjoy being active early on! Kids love the lessons and activities at FUN BUS, and their health and development benefit. With demand from schools, daycares, community centers, parents and more, there are many ways to build up your business.

Support with FUN BUS's Kids Entertainment Franchise

If you've decided that opening an entertainment franchise for children is right for you, but you're not sure where to start, know that you're not in this alone! All Franchise Owners with FUN BUS receive thorough training before getting started. We continue to answer any questions that arise as their business progresses. We provide support, advice, and recommendations as needed.

With a low initial investment and a fun, in–demand product that benefits your community, FUN BUS sets you up for a rewarding new chapter in your career. Ask about our franchise opportunity today!

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