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An Indoor Mobile Franchise Opportunity

Posted on Sep 7th 2019

The benefits of a mobile preschool franchise are various for FUN BUS owners: More Business As the economy becomes more mobilized, traditional brick and mortar businesses are at a disadvantage. When your business is on wheels, you go wherever the business is! FUN BUS owners enjoy endless income with events at daycares, preschools, summer camps, birthday parties, and community events.

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Meet Our FUN BUS Franchise Owner, Mia Buckley!

Posted on Aug 1st 2019

> We're excited to introduce video, Mia talks about how she became involved with our children's fitness franchise and how starting her own business gave her a new, rewarding career outside of the corporate world!

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How FUN BUS Moves Children Off The Screens and On Their Feet!

Posted on Jul 18th 2019

Fortnite. Minecraft. Pokemon Go. Young children and parents alike are bound to have heard of these viral video games, popular among individuals as young as five years old. Kids are increasingly wanting to settle for staying at home, eyes glued to their phones, tablets, TVs, and more. For parents wanting to get their child out and about, FUN BUS provides the perfect opportunity for children to jump around and have fun away from technology! Our children's fitness franchise keep the kids active, engaged, and occupied without the need for a digital screen.

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Q & A Interview with FUN BUS President Stacey Kimmins!

Posted on Jul 3rd 2019

After joining FUN BUS in 2014, President Stacey Kimmins transformed our business model and initiated the amazing growth and evolution of our mobile fitness franchise. With her vision and new systems translating into success, we are excited and ready to welcome new FUNtrepreneurs into our FUN BUS family and bring the joy of mobile fitness to children and communities across the country!

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