How Much Does It Cost To Open A Preschool Franchise?

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Starting a preschool franchise is an intimidating prospect. At FUN BUS, we make the process easy for our FUNtrepreneurs. Once you’ve accepted our franchise agreement, the next step before you can get started is the investment.

Where some preschool franchises cost upwards of half a million dollars to launch, with FUN BUS your initial investment is an industry low between $63,850 - $144,000*. That’s because you’re operating a mobile unit, so there aren’t any buildout costs, leasehold agreements, expensive equipment, or monthly utilities to worry about. Running a mobile business cuts typical start-up expenses by up to a third!

Kids playing & learning at a preschool franchise by FUN BUS.

Investment Breakdown

When you invest in your own FUN BUS, expenses are minimal, allowing you to ramp up to a strong ROI. Bringing fun in the form of fitness to kids in your community requires some upfront costs to ensure you're ready to open for business.




Initial Franchise Fee


This is like an entry fee. It's the price you pay to unlock the franchise opportunity, giving you access to the franchisor's proprietary business systems and intellectual property.

Vehicle Acquisition


This pays for your vehicle purchase and refurbishment. We'll help you with this process so that your BRIGHT GREEN BUS looks and runs like new! This portion also covers licensing, vehicle delivery, and tax requirements.

Equipment and Inventory


Our buses feature things to jump on, swing on, slide down, crawl through and climb. The safety padding and interactive equipment are covered with this portion of the investment.

Initial Training


Our support team is on hand to help you with everything from bus acquisition to marketing. We offer support calls, field support, forums, newsletters and conferences to keep you connected with all the assistance you need to be successful.

Technology Package


The software and computer systems we use will keep you running an efficient, viable business. You'll have access to the best technology available to make sure your processes and communication operate effectively.

Start-up Marketing


It's vital in any business to use strategic advertising and marketing to make your services known to the public. We have ways of helping you reach out to local preschools and daycare centers within your community to build up your clientele.

Collateral Materials


This includes program accessories, uniforms, and optional extras that will help broaden your business profile.

Initial Insurance


You'll want to make sure all your assets and supplies are protected! Insurance will play its part to ensure your business can move full speed ahead, come what may. After initial costs, insurance payments will range anywhere from $150-$300 per month.

Additional Funds


As your preschool franchise gets up and rolling (literally!), you'll want a buffer fund to carry you through those first few months successfully. This amount will buy you time to build up momentum as a new business.


$63,850 - $144,000

*The higher end of the investment range covers any additional vehicle refurbishment or equipment needed, but most FUNtrepreneurs find they pay an average closer to the lower end of the range shown above. *These numbers are from the 2021 FDD.

Multi-Unit Opportunity

Depending on your overall goals in starting a FUN BUS, you may want to consider opening with more than one bus. Another option would be to wait until your first unit is running smoothly before scaling up. However, several benefits accompany the multi-unit option.

Reduced Costs

A FUN BUS preschool franchise is already a low-cost investment, but opening multiple units results in a discounted franchise fee. As you add on buses, your fixed costs will be shared, leading to lower costs per bus.

Higher Revenue

Each BRIGHT GREEN BUS that you add to your preschool franchise brings access to a whole new set of customers, potentially increasing your overall earnings.

Shared Marketing

As a Franchise Owner, you immediately benefit from the marketing power of your brand. Investing in additional locations strengthens the reach of your brand, bringing more consumer recognition.

Market Dominance

As a multi-location owner, you can beat out the competition in your area. Market dominance is particularly feasible with FUN BUS, thanks to our affordable franchise model. Your business is on wheels, and a whole fleet of BRIGHT GREEN BUSES puts you in a position to make more sales than your competition can.

Streamlined Operations

Once you’ve figured out the operations of one location, opening one, two or three more is a breeze. The experience you gain in hiring, training and operating your first BRIGHT GREEN BUS will guide you as you add more buses to your expanding preschool franchise.

How Much Does Our Preschool Franchise Make?

If you’re excited about this investment opportunity, the FUN BUS team is ready and waiting to welcome you to our franchise family. Besides fun and future security, FUNtrepreneurs can also expect this venture to be highly profitable. On average, our Preschool Franchise Owners bring in $154,587* in annual sales. This level of success has been made possible by our solid, flexible business model.

Any Hidden Fees?

While the initial investment covers everything you need to get up and running, there is a monthly 7%* royalty fee on gross sales that covers continued use of the FUN BUS branding and marketing programs.

This fee helps maintain the business systems that keep you growing and thriving. It ensures that both the Franchise Owners and the governing board can keep performing optimally. Royalty fees allow you to stay current with technological advances, help pay for expenses incurred at headquarters, and support the growth and welfare of our entire preschool franchise.

The only other ongoing expenses you can expect to incur will be bus maintenance, fuel costs, and insurance to keep your big play bus rolling along.

Children playing & learning at a FUN BUS preschool franchise, where there are no hidden fees.

Investing In Your Future

The investment you make when you first open a FUN BUS will carry you far into the future. Once you’re open for business, ROI is likely to come through quickly as your networking skills pay off as a meaningful, growing business. Most of our FUNtrepreneurs find success with preschools, summer camps, and community events while receiving extra income from birthday parties and other private events. The simplicity of the FUN BUS business plan allows you to draw from multiple streams of revenue simultaneously.

Highly adaptable, our business model has proven scalable as well. Many of our Franchise Owners have added one or two more vehicles, and now own a whole fleet of BRIGHT GREEN BUSES. Our multi-unit FUNtrepreneurs enjoy that they can make more profit and have a lot more FUN than they ever could’ve in the corporate world.

Year-Round Sales

When your office is a mobile, climate-controlled playground on wheels, you can take advantage of events and classes in any kind of weather, throughout the year. Daycares are needed all year round, and birthdays don’t have a season, so you’ll stay busy serving little customers.

Private & Community Events

Besides birthday parties, some towns are happy to hire a big green FUN BUS for fairs, religious and cultural events.

Lesson Variety

With a wide selection of expertly planned lessons, you can teach children from 2 to 7 years old in any setting. Knowing you’ll never run out of ideas or wonder what to do next will build your confidence and let you focus on having fun!

Opening a preschool franchise with FUN BUS is rewarding and fulfilling.

Find Fulfillment, Not Just Profits

While it’s great to turn a hefty profit and all, that’s not usually the main reason our Franchise Owners do what they do. They know that physical activity and social interactions are essential for young, developing minds. With the growing screen obsession, however, there has been a sharp decline in such opportunities. Without those healthy outlets, childhood obesity is on the rise, attention disorders are increasing and social skills are often subpar.

Working with kids brings unlimited joy, fulfillment and fun. You won’t find any of those qualities when you’re stuck sitting at a desk all day! As a FUN BUS preschool Franchise Owner, you’ll get to work with children and encourage healthy habits. You’ll find yourself rolling along in a BRIGHT GREEN BUS that makes kids squeal with delight instead of sitting at a lonely office desk. Your day-to-day routine will be filled with laughter and joy, and you even get paid to do it!

A Rewarding Career

FUN BUS is your chance to leave the corporate world behind and embark on your dream of starting your own business. With our preschool franchise, you can live a life of both fulfillment and abundance. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you represent a strong company in several robust industries.

Why Choose FUN BUS?

  • FUN BUS intersects with three strong industries: kids fitness ($500 million), summer camps ($2 billion), and birthday parties ($25 billion).

  • Gain professional independence and community responsibility, while maintaining a flexible schedule and healthy work-life balance.

  • Enjoy the benefits of working in a resilient industry. Parents and teachers are happy to invest in childhood development, regardless of the state of the economy.

  • You’ll have the support of an established preschool franchise.

If you’re interested in starting a career with a proven franchise that’s making a difference in the lives of children everywhere, managing a FUN BUS is a great way to do just that.

If you’re looking for a future that’s full of both success and fun, FUN BUS is the preschool franchise for you!